Philosophy & Values

Photo credit Maggie Viegener

Make every day more beautiful – our flowers are transformational

Based in London, UK, Gail Smith is a florist offering luxury flowers for events and bespoke bouquets for delivery in North London.



Seasonality is at the heart of what we do. Seasonal flowers work with nature, taking fewer resources to grow. They offer the best quality and the best value. A flower could have a season lasting a few months or only a week, it’s what makes them special. Our knowledge on seasonality is first rate – if your favourite flower is out of season we will suggest available alternatives that you are sure to love.


I believe that the personal touch makes flowers all the more special. Our quotes for weddings and events are all unique, with flowers designed especially for you. We consider meanings in the language of flowers, learn about the recipients and always take into account the end location of the flowers. There is no template.

Design Led

Gail’s grounding in art history and painting restoration at the Courtauld Institute informs her design process. Whether it is echoing a detail from a bride’s veil or a colour scheme drawn from the artwork in a room; our flowers are specially designed for each occasion. Every choice is considered, from the vessel to the colours, form, scent and texture.

Eco conscious

We strive to reduce our impact on the environment wherever possible. Buying seasonal and as local as possible is a key part of this. Our packaging is reused or recyclable. For example, did you know that the ribbons for our gift bouquets are waste fabric from a local upholsterer? You can read more about our green policy here.


Flowers have the power to transform a space and a mood. We see it in client’s homes and we see it in venues all over London. Flowers bring life and a sense of celebration to a room. The joy of watching flowers on your desk open and change over the week transforming from a tight bud to large blousy blooms. The scent transporting you to a Summer’s garden.


The team are all highly experienced and knowledgable. We can advise how to spend a budget for maximum impact, suggest flowers based on season and offer tips on houseplant care. Over many years we have built up a database of suppliers, from British flower farmers to wholesalers of the finest French peonies.


We pride ourselves on attention to detail. We hope that this is reflected in every step of a client’s experience. We are good at what we do. I have high standards and the team and I work hard to ensure you receive the quality that I expect.

Feel Good

Flowers make people feel good. We see it every day and it is always an honour. The smile when you deliver a beautiful bouquet from a loved one or the faces of guests at a floral workshop. Flowers are there to celebrate the good times and comfort through loss and pain. Nature is the best gift we have.

Let’s make something together.