Our History

I love to imagine how beautiful flowers will look when they bloom in a garden or when they become part of one of our designs. I did it when I was six and planted my first forget-me-nots and love-lies-bleeding and have done it every day since 1993, when I started my florist company. In my mind’s eye I create an image of the flowers in situ – the design, the venue and the event; that’s how, every day, I choose which flowers to buy.

We work on events in some of London’s most glorious historical buildings such as the Natural History Museum, the Royal Academy and the National Gallery; as well as some of London’s breathtakingly urban buildings including the Tate Modern and Francis Crick Institute. It never ceases to thrill me to work alongside the lighting and production to transform an empty venue, one that earlier was brimming with the public, into a spectacular stage for a memorable event that brings my imaginings to life and my clients dreams into reality.

“Thank you for the world’s most amazing bunch of flowers… so thoughtful I really love them”