Strawberry Mother of Thousands in terracotta pot (small)




Sazifraga Stolonifera ‘tricolor’ – Strawberry Mother of Thousands – so called because of the colour and the way that the plant throws out lots of babies!   The plant comes with a cute little terracotta pot 6x7cm.  The tiny babies can be removed from the mother and potted up to propagate new plants.  We can deliver for free if you live near us and spend £35, or please collect from shop

Light :- medium, bright diffused light will give the most vibrant leaf colour

Water :- water well in growing season (Easter to September) but allow soil to dry out between waterings.  Sitting in water may cause root rot, reduce watering in winter

Food :- feed monthly in growing season (Easter to September)

For collection from our shop at 279 Liverpool Road – please contact for opening hours. If you have ordered flowers or are spending over £35 on plants we can deliver to N1, N5, N7, N19, E8, NW1, NW3, NW5, NW6, NW8.