Caladium Postman Joyner


Rare Caladium Postman Joyner in 15x14cm ceramic pot.



Exquisite indoor foliage plant very rarely available. Likes a nice even temperature with a bit of humidity. Not a plant for beginners but well worth the extra effort. Collect from shop unless spending over £35 or buying flower club flowers.

Caladium plants have arrow shaped leaves with beautiful mottling and veining. They have various nicknames including ‘angel wings’ and ‘heart of Jesus’.  Different variations have differing shades of white, pink, red and green.  Caladiums are native to the tropical forests of South America.  I love them as a houseplant and these tubers are rare to find in the UK so here are some tips…

Stare at them regularly and appreciate their beauty!

Humidity:- Caladiums love humidity so I recommend misting regularly. You can also place on a pebble tray or surround by other plants to increase humidity.

Light :- medium to bright indirect light (direct sun will scorch the leaves)

Water :- water the soil when it is dry to the touch

Food :- fertilise the plant in the active growing season (spring & summer)

Caladiums are a tuber.  They produce beautiful leaves in spring for the summer and autumn but expect leaf fall in winter. When this happens don’t panic! Stop watering and store your plant somewhere warm. In the spring begin watering again and place your plant in a bright spot to awaken and watch the gorgeous leaves grow.